My first 5K: Ry’s Run

I attempted to run my first race this week. Chicago had perfect weather on Tuesday afternoon for Ry’s (Color) Run 5K. It was 60 degrees and overcast — just right for running. Ry’s Run is organized by Lake Forest College in honor of the former women’s hockey goaltender, Ryann McCarthy, who lost her battle with cancer […]

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Social sourcing during a tornado

Headlines this morning feature news about the tornadoes that swept across north-central Illinois last night. We live in Antioch, 50 miles northeast of Rochelle, where severe thunderstorms turned into a dangerous tornado. Because of our close proximity, we heard sirens going off and quickly took cover in the basement.   Luckily, the power stayed on […]

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Pineapple upside-down cupcakes

I haven’t baked a cupcake in a few months. Life has gotten in the way too often for me to spend a couple of hours making and decorating baked goods. But I took the time to whip up some upside-down pineapple (or does “pineapple” come before “upside-down”?) cupcakes this weekend. I found a recipe for the […]

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Chocolate affirmations

I’ve been doing really well with eating healthy lately. Less processed foods, more fruits and vegetables. I’m still a sucker for pasta and cheese, but substituting whole grain pasta makes it a healthier option. Sadly, there’s no healthy alternative for cheese. So I try to limit my dairy intake- gone are the days when I’d […]

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Training for my first 5K

On the first day of the year, I wrote down a list of personal goals to accomplish– aka”New Year resolutions.” Writing things down makes me feel obligated to finish them, like an unchecked item on my to-do list. Most of the goals are about bettering myself, but things like “finish the blue jean quilt I started two years ago” found its […]

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