Too busy to sleep

Just a couple weeks ago I posted about how my newborn caused life to slow down. Who was I kidding? That was then and this is now. Since my husband’s paternity leave ended and I’ve been home with the baby by myself, things have stayed slow (I can only move so fast with a baby […]

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C-section Awareness Month my ass

Did you know that April is Cesarean Awareness Month? Neither did I. It seems like there’s a special month, week or day for everything. April 11 was National Pet Day and social media was flooded with photos of our furry friends. Hopefully, you remembered to post a photo of your brother(s) or sister(s) to Facebook […]

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One month old

Our baby is one-month-old today! He was four weeks old on Tuesday, but we’ve decided that we’re going to count his monthly milestones on the 22nd of every month. I asked around and everyone said it was up to our discretion to count however we want. Leigh must weigh at least 10 pounds now. We […]

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Late nights

I treasure every minute (well, most minutes) being up with my infant in the middle of the night. Late night feedings are a super special time between mother and child. Breastfeeding is something only a momma can provide. It’s made by the mom’s body just for her baby. If I thought pregnancy was miraculous, breast […]

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Two is better than one

In parenthood, once you have a routine down, it’s bound to change (especially with a newborn). Stages come and go so fast, it’s hard to keep up. Well, this week we ended the ‘paternity leave’ era and entered ‘stay at home mom’ period. When my husband went back to work, I cried as he said goodbye […]

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I’m guilty of saying that my son is perfect. He’s only three weeks old and I feel like he can do no wrong. Leigh has been a perfect child since birth. He’s perfectly healthy. He’s perfectly beautiful. He’s just amazing. I realize that I won’t always feel this way. Things will change. The postpartum hormones making […]

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Pears and polish sausage

When I was only a few months old, my mother’s grandfather passed away. The man from whom Leigh gets his middle name, Nathaniel Walker, was only in my life for a short time. I obviously don’t remember meeting him but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a presence in my life. He obviously did, we […]

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No rush

“Go do your job!” my husband told me. For once, the thought behind these words was not mean or derogatory. I had been trying to take the dogs out and our new baby, Leigh, needed attention. Eric had simply pointed out that what I really needed to do was be with Leigh. Nothing else. I […]

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Losing it

The first time I left Leigh alone with his dad, I went to get my hair cut. My ends needed a trim and my bangs were all out of wack. The salon is just down the street from our house. I was gone for one hour. As the stylist was blow drying my hair, I […]

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Puking rainbows

I’m a big fan of social media. As a digital marketer, I basically play on Facebook all day for my professional career. Multimedia storytelling is my specialty. One of my goals is to make something “go viral.” Whatever that means… While I’m on out of the office on maternity leave, I’m trying to keep up with […]

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