Perfectly imperfect

I got my nose pierced this summer. And while it is everything I hoped it would be, it turned out to be flawed. I made plans to get the piercing from a professional piercing salon while on a trip to visit one of my closest friends. I miss her so much when we’re separated. This […]

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Smells like summer

During the summer when I was a kid, my mom would take an old glass baby food jar, poke holes in the top and give it to me and my brother. We’d run outside around the backyard barefoot, catching as many lightning bugs as possible. You may call them “fireflies,” but my momma always called […]

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Happiest Place on Earth

This year was Leigh’s first spring break from school. And we set the bar pretty high with a Disneyland vacation in California, thanks to my very generous in-laws. When they surprised Leigh with the news, I’m not sure he showed the excited reaction we all hoped for. But once we started talking about the airplane […]

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Pokemon Party

Happy birthday, Leigh! Our son is now six-years-old and we celebrated the milestone with a couple of Pokemon parties. Leigh caught Pokemon fever a few months ago. I find it so funny a trading card game that’s been around since I was a kid has made such a big comeback with this new generation. After […]

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Starting off cheap

NOTE: This story was written at the end of January 2022 but was derailed due to our dog’s deterioration. Our household continued the annual tradition of “no spend January.” This means we try to spend no money. Nada. Zero. Zilch. This is practically impossible considering we’re a family of three with two dogs and a […]

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Old Soul

On a cold, bitter day in the doldrums of winter, our sweet dog Cloe crossed the rainbow bridge. She held on through the holidays, giving us one last big dose of her love before she physically checked out on Jan. 28. Cloe had an old soul from the start. My husband and I adopted her […]

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Heavily meditated

My home base yoga studio, Trillium, is celebrating four years of serving the community where I live. I owe my yoga practice to Trillium. While I did take a weekly Pilates class at the rec center in college, I did not pick up a regular yoga practice until this studio opened so close to home. […]

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Poetry Tea Time

In need of a mid-morning break? Discover poetry tea time. Eager young children looking for attention are an added bonus. Throw on a kettle of water to warm, sort through your varieties of tea, pour out a little honey and serve up a small dish of treats. Grab a book of poetry and light a […]

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Road trip to Steel City

After more than a year of not traveling, we were ready to hit the road this spring after getting vaccinated. Not yet ready for a plane ride, my husband and 5-year-old son took our Chevy SS for a road trip to Pittsburgh the week before Memorial Day. Face masks and social distancing provided an extra […]

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Social Media Break

This year started with many moments reading books, building LEGO and practicing yoga at home, without a single Instagram photo to prove it happened. We made a mindful decision to change the way we want to live in 2021. In the sacred space of our cozy home during the pandemic, my husband and I decided […]

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