No rush

“Go do your job!” my husband told me. For once, the thought behind these words was not mean or derogatory. I had been trying to take the dogs out and our new baby, Leigh, needed attention. Eric had simply pointed out that what I really needed to do was be with Leigh. Nothing else. I […]

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Losing it

The first time I left Leigh alone with his dad, I went to get my hair cut. My ends needed a trim and my bangs were all out of wack. The salon is just down the street from our house. I was gone for one hour. As the stylist was blow drying my hair, I […]

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Belly band to the rescue

I’m officially four months pregnant. It’s been a wonderful experience so far. I haven’t had any problems with morning sickness or sensitive smells (thanks to my extreme allergies that have gone into overdrive this fall season). And I’m particularly proud that I’ve been able fit into my normal pants this far along. I consider myself […]

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