Patience is a virtue

The first lesson a baby teaches their parents is how to be patient. Most of the time, we learn patience before they are even born. The lesson is taught even earlier for parents who have a difficult time trying to conceive. This is the story of how my husband and I learned patience from Leigh Nathaniel. […]

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Depressing thoughts

Here’s a tip for all students who are graduating this spring: complete your student loan exit counseling when you’re in a great mood, armed with a positive attitude and a soothing cup of tea. It should be sunny out and birds should be chirping nearby. I do not recommend completing this process when you’re already down about your […]

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No secret to a happy marriage

It’s been a while since my last entry, but thanks to my nosey husband, I was reminded that I started this blog to keep track of time. He was in the basement reading an article on another one of my wordpress sites and innocently stumbled on to this one; something I’ve kept hidden and didn’t […]

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Surviving grad school

My husband deserves to be thanked for letting me to back to grad school. I’ve always wanted to get my master’s degree. I love being in the classroom and I value education above many other things. When we graduated from DePaul at the same time in 2009, it was obvious that Eric’s days of being […]

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