Every day I wake up and make decisions. The first decision I usually make is to turn my alarm off and lie still in bed. No one but my dog heard the alarm go off, so I pretend that it hasn’t. I usually try to fall back asleep, but can’t because the aforementioned dog has now cradled into my warm sleeping spot. Trying to renegotiate a new warm nook in the bed is always a challenge and doesn’t render more than 15 more minutes of sleep until I’m up. Once my feet hit the ground, I’m left with a feeling of resentment towards the other members of my family with whom still have their feet in the bed. I grudgingly get up and start my morning… full of many more decisions to make.

While creating this blog I was presented with so many choices. I can remember starting my very first blog years ago and I had nowhere near as many decisions to make when creating it. When did the idea of adding more decisions to my life become appealing? Well, as a conscious choice, I’ve decided to start a blog about where my life is right now and where I’m deciding to take it. There’s a trend going on right now where women start blogs to chronicle their pregnancy and experience with children. I am neither pregnant (not even close), nor do I like children (at the moment). I’m just a suburban wife, finding her way through life.

It’s almost been a year since my husband and I purchased our first house. It was this realization that made me start this blog. A year has gone by. A year full of many decisions. Important ones. And I can’t remember half of it. As the first of my friends to get married and buy a house, I know that I’ll need to revisit the events of the past year in the near future, but I don’t know how accurately I’ll be able to do that. Too many decisions have been made to remember them all.

So here’s to the choices that make up my life! Let’s see where the next ones take me.


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