Cups of coffee

I’ve enjoyed exploring my options when it comes to caffeinated beverages. I used to brew my own coffee at home with the traditional 12-cup coffee maker, but decided to scrap that process to save counter space (in high demand these days).

When I was in college, I’d grab a large cup to go at the school’s cafe using my meal plan. Boy, I wish I could go back to those days! Since leaving campus many moons ago, I’ve outsourced my coffee needs and I’ve noticed a few things.

1. You get coffee where it is available. When I worked in downtown Chicago, I’d grab a cup from Starbucks where their green logo waves at you from every corner. I remember walking from the el train to the office and tasting that distinct Starbucks smell in the air, asking me to step inside for a quick drink. If I had a few extra bucks on me, I’d spring for something fancy, but usually I’d stick to a hot cup of their freshest pour. When I moved out to the suburbs, I started drinking Dunkin Donuts. Their drive-thrus are available at literally every other mile on Route 41. Dunkin’s brew is seriously one of the most affordable habits I have. I rarely ever spring for a latte because they always ask if I want to add flavored syrup to my hot coffee, making it just a notch above ordinary.

I’ve got gift cards for both Starbucks and Dunkin loaded on my phone so whenever the mood strikes, I’m ready. P.S. Have you ever noticed that companies stopped calling them “gift cards?” Instead they’re now referred to as your “Starbucks Card” or “DD Card.” I hadn’t noticed until this blog post. Oops! Slipped that one past me!

2. Nothing compares to a freshly ground french pressed cup of coffee. The frothy layer of foam pours into your cup from the blended mixture of hot water and coffee grounds. There’s no paper filter keeping the flavor from fully developing into the best cup of coffee you’ll ever drink. These little contraptions only cost $20 and they take only minutes to brew. TIP: These work best for households with only 1-2 people. Small appliance = small amounts of coffee. 

3. There’s always an excuse for coffee. It’s not just there to keep my eyes from closing. I grab a cup of coffee with colleagues when we need to chat outside of the office. I find my way to the quaint coffeehouse in town when I need a break from my house. My best friend and I almost always swing by for a drink when we know we need to catch up but don’t necessarily know where to do it.

How do you drink your cup of coffee?


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