Growing pains

This week, I got Leigh ready for bed and grabbed a sleeper from the closet. I struggled to shove his legs into the feet, not because he was kicking the whole time (that I can handle), but because they were too long for the PJs! He’s 10 weeks old and growing like a weed. Leigh weighs 14 pounds, measures 23.5 inches long and comfortably wears 6-9-month clothing. Every time I try to put him into a 3-month onesie, I’ve got to pull it down over his torso and secure the snaps before it springs back up. No wonder! Those things are rated for babies who weigh 8-12.5 pounds! And with every wash, they shrink a little smaller and my heart starts to ache.


I know it’s good Leigh is growing. I’m proud of all the weight he’s put on because it means my milk gives him everything he needs to get bigger. But every time another piece of clothing doesn’t fit, I realize that he won’t be this small ever again. And then one day, he won’t be able to sleep in my lap. I won’t be able to hold his entire body in my arms. I just want to remember him as he is at this very moment. It’s still a shock that we have a baby. As I work through the happy emotions tied to that fact first, I realize that he’s not a newborn any longer. He’s 2.5 months old! How did that happen?


It’s with a heavy heart that I accept it’s time to retire the little bear-butt sweatpants outfit. Good thing there’s a super cute HUNK sweatshirt waiting in his closet – sized for 9-months!


2 thoughts on “Growing pains

  1. Aww!! He is adorable and it’s great that he’s putting on weight like that, but man it really does go by so fast, doesn’t it?! 😦 XO ((hugs)) mama!

  2. 88 outfits????? He takes after his Gramme. He sure has grown a lot in such a short time. Enjoy every minute of his baby sweetness!

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