Looking for support

running mom
Getting ready to go for my first run post-pregnancy.

Funny story: I’m talking about sports bras that can support a breastfeeding mom with my friends. (Since my baby is three-months-old and I’m back to work, I’ve got time during my lunch breaks to work out at the gym. I luckily work at a college where there is a sports and recreation center I get to use for free.) I wasn’t really thinking when I packed one of my Target nursing bras to wear for my workout. These things are “sleep bras” but they decoy as sports bras, so I guess I thought they’d work. Man, was I wrong! They are my favorite thing to wear at home, but definitely not suitable for an active mom. Maybe a yogi mom, but not a running mom.

I asked around and one friend suggested something called the “booby trap bra.” I got a crack out of the name, so it stuck with me. Well, I googled the bra today and found an assortment of “just in case” bras that you can hide knives in! Talk about defense! I’m dead serious. Check it out: boobytrapbras.com. They come with either a knife shield or pepper spray pocket so runners can defend themselves should the occasion arise.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 3.26.11 PM

I’m running in one of the safest communities in the country. I have no need for a knife bra, but maybe you do. In that case, I’d suggest you check out their $50 sports bras. Disclaimer: knife and pepper spray is sold separately.

Turns out my friend intended to steer me towards the Bare Necessities Moving Comfort sports bra. Their motto is “Support… Beyond Measure.” Sound a little more friendly than “Stay Safe. Stay Active.”

I’m using my Victoria’s Secret sports bra on days when I run. It’s a lot less painful if you have the right athletic wear!

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, what sports bra works for you?



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