Where does the time go?

On Saturday, we get home from a lovely brunch with my in-laws (thanks for the bacon and avocado omelet!) and Leigh is asleep in his carrier. I put him quietly in his nursery as my husband heads out to the garage to change the oil on our vehicle. A rare moment alone appears!

I’ve got a hot soy chai tea latte in my hand and I’ve just picked up my kindle so I can take a moment for myself to relax and read. But before I sit down, I go to the bathroom (because there’s nothing worse than getting comfy on the couch and then having nature call). I notice the toilet is gross, so I clean the toilet and the sinks need to be wiped down, so I clean the sinks and accompanying counters. And the mirrors have toothpaste on them, so I clean the mirrors. And there are piles of dog hair behind the toilets, so I clean the floors. Notice how I switched to plural words? We have two bathrooms.

Just as I finish cleaning the bathrooms, I hear cooing from the nursery. Leigh is sitting there with his eyes wide open, expecting me to play with him now that he’s awake. Time’s up!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but whenever I see a window of time for myself, I sabotage it with housework. I never got around to reading my book. At least I remembered to grab my now luke-warm chai tea before crawling on the floor to Leigh on grabbing contently at the toys hanging above his little body on the playmat.

So goes the life of a mom without a maid.


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