The sickness

It’s hard being a parent. But it’s especially hard when you have a sick kid. The last few days were some of the hardest in my life. Leigh had his first real cold. He started coughing and then developed a runny nose. He was miserable. I felt so awful because there was really no easy fix for his illness. The doctor told us the best we could do was run a hot shower and give Leigh a steamy bath to draw the congestion out. We also invested in a humidifier for his room so his nose doesn’t dry out.

Leigh spends most of his time snuggled in my arms, covered in blankets to keep warm. He buries his face in my shoulder and rests his head against my chest. I’m trying to nurse him as much as possible because my breastmilk makes antibodies¬†especially targeted to fight his cold. Something about how his saliva interacts with my body generates the antibodies his immune system needs to fight viral and bacterial infections.

After a weekend of lounging around the house with no sign of the end, we braved the -15 degree weather and headed to the doctor’s office today. I’m a first time parent who’s terrified of RSV or croup, so I didn’t want to take any chances. Luckily his cold is contained in his head, so nothing too serious. No fever, no ear infections. We’re giving him small doses of Zarbee’s cough syrup, made from agave, but that only seems to make him cough more.

Covered in boogers and drool, it was inevitable that I’d catch Leigh’s cold, but thankfully my husband held out strong. As the baby gets better, I still feel like death.

To top it off, I managed to boil over a pot of milk on the stove tonight. Big thanks to Eric who talked me down from the ledge and helped clean it up. Next time I make hot chocolate, I’m microwaving water.

Here’s hoping we all get better in time for Leigh’s first Christmas this weekend!



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