Safe place


There’s not much more in this world that can calm me down like sitting in bed petting my dogs. They are always up for cuddle. Just 30 minutes of snuggle time can change my outlook on life. Just spent a few hours in traffic? #puppysnuggles Burned dinner? #puppysnuggles Long day at work? #puppysnuggles

After coming home last night from my first day at grad school I was tired and depressed. I had just worked all day, commuted to downtown Chicago, sat in class for more than three hours, and then spent two hours traveling back home. I just wanted to relax, but my mind was running a mile a minute. Solution: crawl into bed with the pups.

After only a few minutes of some #puppysnuggles, my mind was at ease. Looking into dark doggie eyes tells me that life isn’t that bad.



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