Wedding bells are ringing

My brother, Zachary, is getting married to his long-time sweetheart, Nicole, in June. These two are adorable together. We get to spend a lot of time with them on Sunday nights when they come over to watch Walking Dead and eat dinner.

Zach is three years younger than me and everything you want in a brother. He’s kind, thoughtful, funny, sensitive, annoying, and always tries to pick me up when he hugs me. Nicole is pretty awesome, too. She’s sweet, helpful, hard working, tolerant, smiles way too much and our son, Leigh, is in love with her. These two are a winning combination and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my years watching our families grow up together (and surviving the zombie apocalypse, if that ever happens).

Last weekend, instead of zombie night, we celebrated with a bridal shower! Her sister and cousin threw a beautiful mint and gold party. Haley gave everyone homemade body scrub as party favors.


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