Transitioning to Toddlerhood

They say when your baby turns one-year-old, they are no longer consider a baby. Sad, I know, but inevitable. I am now the mother of a toddler. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary correctly defines a toddler as “one that toddles,” aka learning to walk. We are definitely in that stage. My baby, I mean toddler, is more than willing to practice his balancing skills and waddle across the living room floor, nearly crashing face first into the ground. Urban Dictionary calls them “tiny bipolar humans” in their alternative definition for “toddler.” Luckily, my babe is more angel than demon at the moment.

Speaking of angel, check out these photos from the morning of his birthday, March 22. Despite having the stomach flu, my husband made Leigh fluffy chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Leigh enjoyed them. Believe it or not, he took a two-hour nap after this meal.

We both took the day off work to be with Leigh for his first birthday. Not only was it nice to have some mid-week time away from work, but it was good to have a moment to focus on where we were one year ago, sitting in the hospital with our newborn baby. We survived the first year! All the sleepless nights, countless blowouts, hours of pumping, and loads of laundry didn’t matter. We made it and our baby thrived. He’s grown into this little boy in just 365 short days.

And, of course, Leigh enjoyed his own special birthday cake that evening. I decorated a small cake with a number one written with sprinkles. He dug out each and every one of those colorful specks and ate them. He barely touched the chocolate parts.

And Leigh also enjoyed his very own smash cake at his Blackhawks birthday party with friends and family. I know I should care more about how much sugar my son consumes, but I’m not that worried about it. I figure there are bigger things to stress about, like him choking on the cake after taking too big of a bite. NOTE: He survived.

“Can you spell ‘MESS,’ Leigh?” After a quick clean up, we were on the floor plowing through presents. Leigh is all set for summer! He’s got three swimming pools, two swimsuits, and a whole lot of pool toys. I have a new found respect for my mother, who threw amazing birthday parties for me every year. I have no idea how I’m going to do this year after year. It goes to show you never know how awesome your mom is until you walk a mile in her shoes.

We’re so thankful for the village that’s surrounded us this past year. We couldn’t have made it through without our mothers. And fathers. And aunts. And uncles. And friends. Thank you for all of your love and support.

Happy birthday, little Leigh. You’ll always be my #blackhawksbaby.


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