Looking for a good book series to read with your kid? Victoria and Elizabeth Kann wrote and illustrated the Pinkalicious series and Leigh is obsessed. We have to read the books every night before bed. Luckily, the library only had a couple to loan us during our last visit. But there are at least six pictures books about the adventures of Pinkalicious and her little brother Peter. We’re rotating through them. PBS also has a Pinkalicious show Leigh watches at Grandma’s house. She says he sits still through the whole episode – that’s saying something.

After reading the book about a little girl turning pink after eating too many pink cupcakes, I had to reenact the scene with Leigh. A slow morning turned into a baking extravaganza! With a box of strawberry baking mix, coconut oil (a perfect substitute for vegetable oil), jar of cherries and load of sprinkles, we set out to bake!

Only one broken egg and an outfit change later, we had a handful of perfectly pink cupcakes. Homemade frosting is my thing, so I whipped a batch of buttercream frosting with vanilla and cream cheese.  Leigh helped me check to make sure it still tasted delicious after dying it pink.

After carefully selecting just the right amount of white nonpareils for on top of the frosting, Leigh precisely plopped a cherry on top of each cupcake before calling them finished! A LOT of cherries were eaten in this process.

I can assuredly tell you Leigh helped in every step of making these special treats. He was in a hurry to eat one just to see if it would make him turn pink. Luckily only his tongue was affected. We dropped off a batch at our local library and the children’s librarian (despite having an allergy to strawberries) loved the gesture. Delivering them to our friends and neighbors was the best part of the whole thing.

Yeah, I may have butchered the spelling on the plate below but this was still a fun way to show Leigh how to really bring a book to life. Reading can seem like such an abstract thing to a young child. But he really grasps the idea that what he’s reading is real – to an extent. You can’t actually turn pink from eating cupcakes! 😉 Or can you!


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