Treat for fur babies

Our poor dogs have been neglected since we brought home the baby two months ago. We spend so much time with little Leigh and not enough attention on our pups. But they’ve taken it like champs. Cloe, our older dog, is super curious and comes up to sniff the baby every once in a while. Barry, our younger guy, loves licking the baby as much as he can. He searches for bare feet under blankets to get a little taste. They’ve adapted to life with a baby better than we could have wished. I’m still working on getting them to not bark at the mail carrier but that’s a story for another post.

One lazy Sunday, I flipped on Marley and Me. I love this movie. It’s got Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and a troublemaking dog. What’s not to love? Well at the end of the movie, the family dog passes away and we’re all sitting on the couch crying our eyes out. Then an ASPCA commercial comes on and shows us all the geriatric dogs that need homes. More tears.

It made us want to do something special for our doggies. At that precise moment, I received an email from BarkBox, offering a subscription of goodies for our fur babies. I bit. Our first box was only $1! So once a month, we’ll receive a box of toys and treats for our awesome hairy companions. It’s the least we can do for them.

Cloe and Barry check out their first Bark Box. It was themed “Peace, Ruv, Happiness.” They went straight for the sweet potato chews!

Click here if you want to sign up for Bark Box. It’s only $20 a box if you sign up for an annual subscription! And if you sign up using this link:, you get a free box (and I get a free box, too)!


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